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Ask Me Stuff And Get A Voice Response

ask me something and I’ll answer with a voice recording

chobits-world asked: "Thank you! :3 ill send you an email soon when i come up with the sketch, and ill let you know threw here also to check the email."

Alrighty and no problem :D

Track Title: Technologic (Real Voice)

Artist: Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk)


Thomas Bangalter’s real voice singing Technologic :O

doodle for my friend Mel

doodle for my friend Mel

lenohtheegyptianmau asked: "Paper or plastic?"

paper cuz drawing :p

Anonymous asked: "draw sui as an emote :3"


wolfiezach asked: "What do you think my first time wearing my fursuit head would look like? =3"

Honestly?…you’d be fucking adorable <333

I can imagine you just jumping around like crazy and being all cute and cuddly and super friendly <333

lenohtheegyptianmau asked: "If you weren't a wolf, what would you be?"

Originally Sui was a red kangaroo! c:

lenohtheegyptianmau asked: "Soup or salad?"

augh I’m so late with replies >.<

I’d prefer soup especially Menudo <333

chobits-world asked: "and can you answer my question privately"

answered c: